8 perfect countries for a first solo trip for a girl

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 You are a girl and you want to travel alone? Know that this is quite possible, some countries being completely safe even if you have decided to travel without being accompanied. 

Let’s discover without further delay the destinations to be favored to make you happy by discovering the world alone.

Travel destinations for girls


It will only take you three hours to reach the island of Malta via a non-stop flight, making it the perfect destination to go on an adventure on your own for the very first time, for a weekend or of a spring bridge for example. Located in the south of Sicily, Malta is a very peaceful place offering charming places to visit such as its capital Valletta or the islands of Gozo and Comino which also belong to this archipelago.


Another ideal destination for a girl who wants to travel alone, Thailand has several advantages. Indeed, you will be able to meet many tourists there, which will allow you to feel less alone, but also very welcoming inhabitants of the country. Thailand is also famous for being a cheap country where it is easy to get around. You can stroll through the streets of the capital, Bangkok, visit temples or discover sanctuaries that collect elephants. Thailand is also conducive to scuba diving and meditation.


Australia is also an excellent choice for girls who wish to take a solo trip to the other side of the world, even if this is their first experience. Australia is indeed renowned for the security that reigns there, one of the most important in the whole world. You can organize your trip between cities and nature, between ocean and wilder lands. Do not hesitate to go to the emblematic cities of Sidney, Brisbane and Melbourne, to discover the Great Barrier Reef or the paradisiacal beaches like Turquoise Bay and its kangaroos, or even to escape to Tasmania to explore this wild island and its protected parks.


If there is one country that is known to be one of the safest in the world, it is Japan. There are even, in public transport, wagons entirely reserved for women that will allow you to travel in complete serenity. The only difficulty may lie in reading the road signs if you do not master the language, the majority being mainly written only in Japanese. But don’t worry, the Japanese are very helpful and won’t hesitate to help you find your way, with gestures. Japan also has the advantage of being a very clean country where politeness is essential. You will be able to discover in Japan an extremely rich culture, exotic food and very surprising new technologies. This country evolves between tradition and modernity, city and nature, for a change of scenery at all times. Consider booking your nights in a capsule hotel room or in youth hostels.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a very low crime rate, making it one of the top countries for solo girl travel. You can cross the two islands of this country from side to side, both by car and by bus or train. Do not hesitate to pack your suitcase to discover the filming locations of The Lord of the Rings or the cities of Auckland or Wellington. You will discover a fascinating country and people who are as helpful as they are friendly.


While gender equality is considered a priority by Icelanders, Iceland is therefore a must for girls who wish to travel alone. Between volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and atypical small towns, wonder will be there every day, as will serenity and the absence of fear of being attacked


Canada is a country that will allow you to travel across the Atlantic with confidence, even if you are a single girl. Discover vast natural spaces such as the impressive Niagara Falls, cities steeped in history such as Montreal or Quebec, or even the thousand islands, each more surprising than the next. Not to mention the largest fossil reserve located in Alberta. You can travel with the same peace of mind in eastern Canada and in the west where the city of Vancouver is located, or even if you decide to take a road trip. Flagship destination of summer 2022 , Canada can only charm you.


Do you want to discover African wildlife in complete safety? Then take the direction of Botswana, one of the best destinations for solo travel for a girl. This country, reputed to be the safest in Africa, offers you the opportunity to go on a safari to admire the continent’s emblematic animals, to be immortalized in your travel diaries, and discover the joys of glamping.

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