Best Online Stores In The World

1. Amazon

This site was launched in 1994. Originally, Amazon was an online bookstore, but its product offerings quickly grew to meet the needs of its growing number of customers.

Today, Amazon has over 2.5 million shoppers per month. Over 750,000 employees work for the industry leader.

While its origins date back to selling books, Amazon today sells everything from sewing supplies and dog toys to furniture, clothing and more through its website and of its mobile app.

The platform also has many divisions including Amazon Prime, Prime Video, etc. It is one of the largest marketplaces that e-tailers can use to list their catalog products and reach customers around the world.

Its simple design and easy payment, shipping, catalog and prices make it the best site on the Internet and the best marketplace.

2. walmart

Unlike Amazon, Walmart’s products are mostly sold in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

While many customers visit Walmart stores near them, others take advantage of the convenience on the website. The site welcomes more than 450 million visitors each month.

Walmart offers groceries, home furnishings, home decor, apparel, toys, and more.

The diversity of Walmart’s product line makes it a benchmark store. Thanks to Walmart Marketplace, e-commerces can benefit from the aura of the brand by offering their products to Walmart customers.

3. eBay

Another well-known name in the industry: eBay. This platform was launched in 1995. The company offers an auction or live medium that allows individuals and businesses to sell to a huge customer database.

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Today, eBay receives over 746 million buyer visits each month. From new and used clothes to toys, sporting goods and even vehicles… All categories are represented.

4. Target

Like Walmart, Target has stores in every country across the Atlantic. Target offers free shipping for online purchases, and also offers in-store pickup. is now among the top e-commerce sites in terms of monthly traffic volume. It sells clothes, decorative objects, toys, electronic devices, and it is known for its many promotions and discounts.

As with Walmart, e-merchants can list their products on the Target+ marketplace (plus).

5. Ali Baba

Alibaba is an undisputed giant, based in China, which dominates the sector in Asian countries and around the world. He is known for connecting suppliers and manufacturers with direct buyers and resellers.

Alibaba’s online retail arm is AliExpress, and this platform receives more than 450 million visitors per month.

The Aliexpress product line includes jewelry, apparel, toys, homewares, and automobiles. For e-merchants who wish to diversify their catalogs, Alibaba is one of the most popular platforms.

6. Flipkart

In terms of monthly traffic, Flipkart is among the top 10 e-commerce sites in the world. It is mostly popular with buyers in India and other Asian countries.

Like Amazon, Flipkart started out as an online bookstore. It has gradually diversified its offer to meet the varied needs of its customers.

Today, the company’s product offering includes electronics, homeware, apparel, and more.

Many products come with real customer reviews, which helps buyers make an informed choice, like on Aliexpress or Amazon.

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7. BestBuy

Best Buy is a leader in its field, especially in the United States, and offers a wide range of items for individuals and professionals.

It is best known as an electronics store, as it sells computers, computer accessories, televisions, game consoles, and other tech items.

It also offers home appliances, audio and video products, mobile phones, car audio equipment, and more. The Best Buy offer is also supplemented with installation and repair services.

Best Buy also has a Marketplace open to e-merchants wishing to benefit from the advantages of the platform.

8. Jingdong

Beijing-based Jingdong, also known as, is one of the biggest rivals to dominant e-commerce player Alibaba.

According to China Internet Watch, at the end of September 2020, the Jingdong site had 441.6 million active users.

Even though Jingdong is not such a major platform as Alibaba, it had a turnover of 15 billion dollars (USD) more than the Chinese leader in 2017.

The company is particularly known for its ever more advanced delivery services, using drones to deliver products to customers for example.

9. Etsy

Etsy is a site known for its unique, often handmade products. Its products include everything from candles and soaps to holiday decorations, clothing, and more.

Etsy has approximately 450 million visitors each month worldwide.

Unlike other platforms that sell their own items or resell products from other brands, Etsy is a marketplace specifically designed for small businesses and individuals.

Thanks to the ease with which crafters and entrepreneurs can create a shop with Etsy, it’s often a gateway into the world of e-commerce for many of them.

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10. Rakuten

Founded in 1997 by Japanese businessman Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten is the largest e-commerce hosted in Japan, although it has an international presence.

Along with its online store, the company handles credit card payments, operates the nation’s largest online bank, offers delivery and travel booking services, and more.

Often referred to as “Japan’s Amazon”, Rakuten offers a wide range of items. The company employed 14,826 people as of June 2017. In October 2018, Rakuten partnered with Walmart to deliver groceries throughout Japan. This platform allows customers to buy online and have them delivered directly to their homes.

11. Zalando

Zalando, one of the leading platforms in Europe, is based in Berlin. Present in more than 15 European markets, this company sells a variety of fashion-related products, including clothing, shoes and accessories.

In 2017, this precursor had 24 million customers for 90 million orders placed. Statista notes that in 2019, Zalando made more than 6.48 billion euros in sales.

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