How you know Peter Obi is not desperate

How you know Peter Obi is not desperate. A thread: 1. “Obidient” was trending long before he started using the term. 2. While every party has their hot-heads, he’s the only one who has calmed his supporters. 3. He’s the only one who has never poked at any candidate. He only responds. 4. Each candidate … Read more

Should you wear a tie to the office?

 This is a legitimate question for many men, especially for young workers who do not necessarily know the dress codes yet.  It depends firstly on what others do in your work environment, but also on the nature of your activity. If, in recent years, the sale of ties has collapsed, it is very often recommended … Read more

How to dress well with sneakers?

 Inspired by sports shoes, especially basketball players, sneakers are a model intended for everyday life. Taken from streetwear fashion , they have enjoyed growing success in recent years. Famous influencers, TV stars and even the bride and groom… everyone wears sneakers and not just young people. There are still some rules to follow to avoid … Read more

Top 10 vacation destinations for summer 2022

 After two years placed under the sign of restrictions, the summer of 2022 takes on the air of freedom and promises to be an invitation to travel . Let’s discover together the top 10 of the best destinations to go on vacation in 2022. Get ready to pack your bags !  The United States Many … Read more

The essentials to put in your suitcase for the holidays

 The long-awaited moment of leaving on vacation is approaching, and with it that of packing your suitcase. To help you in this task, here is a checklist of what you absolutely must put in your luggage, whatever your destination.  The essential clothes No need to take your whole wardrobe with you on a trip : … Read more

8 perfect countries for a first solo trip for a girl

 You are a girl and you want to travel alone? Know that this is quite possible, some countries being completely safe even if you have decided to travel without being accompanied.  Let’s discover without further delay the destinations to be favored to make you happy by discovering the world alone. Malta It will only take … Read more

5 Problems We Face When Planning For Marriage

 Welcome to this blog and thanks for checking in! Today we’ll be updating you on the problems we face when planning for marriage. Please stay tuned! Submission of the file to the town hall Whatever type of wedding you want to organize, you will inevitably have to start with the civil wedding in the town … Read more