Cost Of Google Ads Certification In Nigeria (2022)

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Google ads is a platform developed by Google where advertisers can easily place text ads on SERP results and generate leads or sales to their platform.

Google ads certification is a certificate granted to successful applicants who has successfully passed the certification tests.

The certificate confirms the applicants capability of running a successful Google ads campaign and also aids in getting a job as a Google ads Analyst.

Cost Of Google Ads Certification

Currently you’re required to write two exams to get a Google ads certificate and each costs $50 (25000 naira) which brings a grand total of $100 (50000 naira).

Types Of Google Ads Certification

They’re are two types of Google ads certification; individual Google ads certification and Company Google ads certification.

Individual Google Ads Certification

This type of Google ads certification is for individuals who wants to earn a Google ads certificate and build their CV.

Each individual is expected to pass the two Google ads exam to qualify.

Company Google Ads Certification

This type of certification is given to companies and with this certification Google recognizes a company as a marketing expert and add’s the company to their certify partner database.

This gives those companies an advantage to their competitors and increases awareness.

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