How To Download Mp3 To PSP In Three Steps

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Want to take some music on the road along with your PSP games? This
article will cover how to download mp3 to PSP.

If you are like most people, you want to squeeze the most out of your Sony
Play Station Portable
(PSP). Yes, the PSP can play console games,
that’s obvious, but it can also play movies and music, do Internet
browsing, listen to the radio, and act as a PDA and read PDF files. Throw in a
touch screen interface and cell phone calling abilities and it’s almost an
iPhone. But the gamer on the go usually just wants to kick back and kill
time, so he wants to listen to mp3s of his choice. This piece shows you how to
download mp3 to PSP in three simple steps.

Step one: how to download mp3 to PSP. You need something to download into
your PSP to begin with. This can be your stash of music files in your PC,
a couple of music CDs you love, or music files ready for download from the
Internet. Whatever the source and regardless of how small or large it is, this
is where you start. If you have this ready, what you now need to do is make sure
your PSP can read these music files. Otherwise, transferring them to you PSP is

Step two: how to download mp3 to PSP. Make sure the music
files are in PSP-readable format, or mp3. To do this, you need a CD ripper–it
is a program you can download for free from numerous websites. Just type in the
words and run it on the search engine, you’ll find different ones. Choose one to
download and install in your PC. Once that’s done, run the CD ripper and rip
songs from your music CDs, or convert music files in your PC to mp3s if they are
already in mp3 format.

Step three: how to download mp3 to PSP. Connect the PSP to your PC
using your USB cable. When your PC detects your PSP as a storage device, it will
be assigned a drive letter. This letter will appear once it is detected. You are
now able to just drag and drop music miles from your PC to your PSP.

That’s it. Now you know how to download mp3 to PSP in three simple
and easy to follow steps. Enjoy your music on the road!


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