How to dress well with sneakers?

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 Inspired by sports shoes, especially basketball players, sneakers are a model intended for everyday life. Taken from streetwear fashion , they have enjoyed growing success in recent years. Famous influencers, TV stars and even the bride and groom… everyone wears sneakers and not just young people. There are still some rules to follow to avoid “fashion faux pas” or an “too much” effect.

How to dress well with sneakers?

Choosing the right sneakers

Today there is a wide variety of women’s sneakers offered by major brands and other lesser known ones. To wear these shoes well, it is essential to know the style that suits you.

You have the choice between the classics, such as the sneakers and the All Star converse . More stylish, there are Stan Smiths from Adidas as well as sneakers from Nike. You also have more sporty models, especially appreciated by men. But the brands have also offered women’s models that you can wear with a running outfit. However, they lack the characteristics of real sports shoes. Finally, there are luxury sneakers that you can buy from luxury brands such as Dior for example.

Choose your sneakers

The choice of sneakers also concerns the outfit that will be associated with these shoes. For a chic look, turn to luxury sneaker models. These are made of elegant materials while keeping the casual style of the streetsstyle . If you want to have unique shoes, you will find colorful, printed or even sequined models. To wear sneakers with everything, opt for safe bets: black or white sneakers.

Maintain harmony in colors and materials

A crocodile bag and sports sneakers, it does not do so much. On the other hand, a small suede clutch and leather sneakers will create a chic and modern look. As you will have understood, materials that are too offbeat can be a bad taste in fashion.

The same goes for colors. A brown turtleneck sweater, boyfriend jeans and white or beige low sneakers can give a very classy look. On the other hand, a red chiffon top and green and gold sneakers can create the opposite effect.

Outfit ideas with sneakers

For a casual look:

Opt for a t-shirt and denim overalls with pretty high-top sneakers at your feet. This outfit can be worn for a birthday and after-works with colleagues, but also to go shopping comfortably. Along with a jogging set, the New swings are most suitable as a type of sneaker .

For a working women look:

Choose chinon or boyfriend jeans with a turtleneck top, quality wool sweater for winter and a bodysuit in summer. The rolled up sleeve blazer over it will give a professional look to your ensemble. For classy women’s shoes, adopt a Stan Smith type low sneakers . This model can also be suitable with a pencil skirt and a sweater dress. You can easily wear this outfit to work!

For a classy look:

Sneakers can be worn very well for formal events with the right outfit. The wrap dress, a little black dress or even the flowing empire dress can go very well with these shoes. Low or high leather sneakers , from the Veja or Nike brand, will be perfect for an elegant look. See on this subject also the question of the wearing of ballerinas .

If you prefer to combine the pieces according to your favorites, it is just essential not to pay attention to the looks of others. Daring to wear sneakers with a women’s trouser suit requires above all to assume your personality.

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