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How to process a Visa From Nigeria to Nimibia

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For holders of a Nigerian passport, the Namibia visa application process

Let’s start with the information that most of you Nigerians want to know before I discuss my journey experience.

How far along is Nigeria’s visa application process? Does it accept Nigerian passports?

The Namibia visa application process from Nigeria

Although Nigerians cannot enter Namibia without a visa, it is quite easy to do so in Lagos and Abuja. The visa documents are sent to Abuja via the Lagos office (also Air Namibia’s office), which does not.

For your convenience, download the electronic version of the required form by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here are the current procedures you must adhere to in order to obtain a visa, provided by Air Namibia:


Application materials include:

• A completed, duplicate visa application form.

• 2 recent passport photos in colour with a white background (size: 45mm x 35mm).

• An international passport with a minimum of three blank pages and a validity period of at least six months from the date of entry

• Certified duplicates of all original paperwork (Please do not submit originals).

• Visible evidence that you have enough money to cover your stay in Namibia. Paystubs and six months’ worth of bank statements are required.

• A letter of introduction from an invitee, business registration paperwork, or proof of employment

• A copy of the Namibia round-trip itinerary.

• Reserving a hotel has been confirmed.

• Health, travel, and medical insurance (on request).

• A letter of invitation from family members living in Namibia, as well as documentation of legal residency, such as the data page of a passport, a work permit, a national identification card, etc.

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• For a business trip, a letter of invitation and contacts in Namibia are necessary.

• While inside the nation, those on tourist visas are prohibited from working or using any public funds.

• Health requirements: A certified yellow fever vaccination card from a travel clinic is required, but only if the trip to Namibia involves travelling through a region of Africa where the disease is prevalent.


NGN13,500:00 (five to seven days for visa processing) Single entry, non-refundable

NGN23,000.00 (24 – 72 hours visa processing time Single entry) (24 – 72 hours visa processing time Single entry)

NGN34,000.00 (Multiple Entry) (Multiple Entry)

Fee for the courier service: NGN11,000.00 (Subject to weight of documents submitted)


Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Remember that it takes 5-7 Working days to process visa applications. Insufficient paperwork and incomplete application forms, however, can cause the procedure to take longer. Application for a visa must be made between the hours and days specified above.

All passport applications, collections, and purchases should be made in person.

transform it. They only make life simpler for residents of Lagos and the surrounding areas.

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