How you know Peter Obi is not desperate

How you know Peter Obi is not desperate. A thread:

1. “Obidient” was trending long before he started using the term.

2. While every party has their hot-heads, he’s the only one who has calmed his supporters.

3. He’s the only one who has never poked at any candidate.

He only responds.

4. Each candidate is from one of the three major tribes: Tinubu has said “It’s the turn of the Yorubas”, Atiku said “The north needs a northern president”, but Peter Obi has never weaponized his tribe. Rather he says; don’t vote me or anyone based on tribe or religion, weigh us and choose based on competence.

5. Even with the insults from Wike, El-Rufai, Ekweremmadu, Mbaka and others; he has never responded with insults.

6. As a politician, he would be privy to secrets from oppositions, but he never uses it. All the hot PDP crisis, APC muslim-muslim ticket, he has never for once used that to mock them or to his advantage. He has always stayed focused. Even when these people make jeers at him.

7. When they lie against him, every evidence released in his defence is neither from him nor Labour Party, they are always released by his supporters. See when El-rufai lied Obi arrested him. In an hour, videos came out where same El-Rufai said it was SSS.

8. He’s a billionaire, arguably richer than the president of America. He can afford to buy biscuits for Reno & FFK

and they would deny their ancestry for him, but he chose not to. That takes a lot of guts.

9. Peter Obi respects not just his friends but his “enemies”. He calls Atiku ‘his leader’, calls Tinubu ‘his senior brother’. Visits Wike, greets Sowore, sympatizes with Ekweremmadu.

It takes a lot to still respect someone who’s out for you. Love is the greatest weapon – it confuses the enemy, and they never see you coming.

10. A camp of his supporters were criticizing him, the other camp defending him. With a single tweet of “criticism is part of growth”

he brought both camps together.

11. After any meeting, he never tells you what was discussed or that anyone endorsed him.

12. He’s the only candidate who has suspended his campaign to sympathize with the flood victims.

These attributes is why some of his political enemies have started to respect him: Gov. Ortom of PDP said he would have voted Peter Obi if he wasn’t in PDP.

Peter Obi reminds me of Jesus, even after all the insults and beating, he still said “Forgive them for they know not whay they are doing”.

It’s takes celestial grace to have tolerance like Peter Obi.

Peter Obi doesn’t need 2023 to win. He has won. He has taught us a lot: respect, tolerance, hardwork and most especially FOCUS.

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