What Is Homework Spelled Backward

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What is Krowemoh

The word ” Homework” spelled backward is ” krowemoh” which many rumors has spread in the internet that krowemoh is a Latin word for child abuse.

Scholars have rendered the trend false with the proof that krowemoh is neither an English nor Latin word.

Many people have taken this all over social media and have given different opinions and explanations on this very word.

How Did Krowemoh Started Trending?

The trend actually began on Reddit where a reddit user brought this into consideration since then it has been trending all over different social media platforms.

What was the intention of the trend?

Well we can’t really tell what the intention of the person who started the trend was.

But one of the reason why this trended was that many people wanted to use this as an excuse of not to do homework.

While we keep giving you updates on latest trends kindly note that the information about krowemoh isn’t verified on Google and hence renthered false for now.

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